IntrigueCon 2016

Wondering what we’ll be at next after the Expo?

IntrigueCon would be the answer.

If you haven’t heard the story before, IntrigueCon is indirectly responsible for me starting the Nerd List. I kept annoying founder Daniel Hodges with more places he could go to drop off flyers and advertise. At one point I realized how often I was sending him messages and said “Screw it, I’ll make a list.” Thus the Nerd List was born…

This time last year, I was in the process of compiling entries to put on the list and also getting ready for the 3rd edition of IntrigueCon (they’re now going into their 4th year). It’s  the only Con I can say I’ve been to every year since it started.

Seriously if you love Role-Playing Games, this is the event you want to be at from October 14th to 16th. Bring your gaming group out for it’s usual session and then stay and play some new games with fellow gamers. Have some kind of RPG merchandise you think attendees might be interested in? Send Daniel a message and talk to him about being a vendor there as well (and still working in a game or two… of course).

For only $25, you can be a part of the greatest gaming bargain in Edmonton. Play all weekend and run whatever kind of RPG you want!

Bring your friends too, we will be!


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