Turkey Shoot: Twilight

We’ve been big fans of Turkey Shoot for a while now so we’re a little saddened to hear they’ll be taking a break for a bit. You can help send them off though by attending their next screening on September 22 and help mock Twilight (I mean provide insightful commentary…).

Go here for the event link or here for tickets.

Turkey Shoot has been Metro’s monthly celebration of aesthetically challenged films since killer bee classic THE SWARM in 2007, but it’s time for a break. Thanks to Metro, our audiences, and sorry to the projectionists. We’ll be back with one-off presentations, keep an eye out! What better end than TWILIGHT? Virginal lovelies have had the hots for movie bad boys forever. But vampires are misunderstood. They don’t burn in the sun, they glitter. Bella (Kirsten Stewart) meets gaunt hottie Edward (Robert Pattinson) and he wants to chomp her neck. Yay, abstinence!

Live commentary from Dave Clarke, James Hamilton and Cat Walsh, trivia & prizes!

18+ licensed, no minors

(Also, you can always find more events on our Calendar!)

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