Halloween Pokémon Go At The Legislature

Seems like forever since we’ve added a Pokémon Go event to our Calendar… Well, now there’s one coming up for Halloween that sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun!

Go here for the event link.

It will be a usual gathering at the legislature like any weekend however I encourage everyone to dress up Pokemon style! Our local costume shops I heard had been getting Pokemon related costumes that you can purchase there 🙂 There’s also enough time to purchase online from ebay and such for Pokemon costumes like Onesies or an Ash Ketchum/Misty costume. Or you can cosplay your own made up trainer or if you got sewing skills, dress up as your Pokemon Go trainer or Team leader. 
I also encourage for people to bring bags of candy to hand out to anyone 🙂 Especially the kids, but adults are welcome to partake in receiving and giving and trading candy xD
Dressing up will definitely attract pictures so be prepared to be asked for a photo!
There is no official start time, just show up when you want! The event will end when everyone feels like going to bed lol.
If you need help in finding a place to buy a costume online, don’t hesitate to ask, I know of quite a few places you can make a purchase online ^_^


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