SpiderMable: The Film

Remember last year when SpiderMable saved us all? Well now there’s a movie in the works and it’s going to need you to return the favour. Click here for the movie website and follow it on Facebook and Twitter as well.

The IndieGogo campaign isn’t up yet but there’s a link to sign up for updates on when it launches.

Mable Tooke’s life started out like most kids. She was full of energy and life, so when that energetic personality began to fade at just four years old, her family knew there was something wrong. Mable Tooke was soon diagnosed with Leukemia, an all too common form of cancer for young children.

That is where our soon to be Superheros journey begins.

Mable became SpiderMable long before the world heard of her. After endless, gruelling rounds of cancer treatment, Mable, with the support of her mom, created the persona SpiderMable – complete with costume. One of her favourite things to point out is her radioactive blood… just like Spider-Man. Mable believed she could beat the villain inside her body. It is no understatement that her situation did create a superhero.

This film will follow Mable’s life from birth to age 7. Mable’s parents, Neil and Lisa Tooke will tell us about Mable’s life growing up with cancer and the events that lead to Edmonton Children’s Wish Fundraiser “Exile Island” (a team-building, Survivor-esque challenge event) where Mable’s wish fundraising goal was reached. 


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