Edmonton Expo Giveaway!

We are so all in for the Expo this year! We were already going but now we can help a few others go this year as well. We’ve got a pair of weekend passes available to just flat-out give to one of you who simply shares our pinned post about this on Facebook or Twitter (Yup, we’re doing a Social Media contest). We’ll be giving them away randomly on the  Sunday night before the Expo (September 18th).

But wait… There’s more!

We’ve also been trying to get the word out about local nerdy Patreons, Kickstarters, Charitable causes and more over the last little while (including our own Patreon…) and in addition to any rewards you might be getting already, we’ll be randomly giving away four single-day passes to people who provide proof of supporting a local (Edmonton & Area) Nerdy Patreon, Crowdfunding Campaign or Charitable Cause (eg. Extra-Life).

We’ll be giving you more examples of local artists you can support (though you can always just creep our Facebook or Twitter) until the contest closes on Sunday September 18th.

Not sure if the artist/cause you support qualifies? Just ask yourself if you would see it at the Expo… That’s usually the best way 😉

(If you have any questions, send them our way at info@EdmontonNerdList.com)


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