Unlock Adventures

Did you hear the one about the guys who built an Escape Room in their garage? If you have, then maybe you’ve heard about Red Planet Expeditions already.

If not, give their Facebook Page a visit and check out this Escape Room Roundup review too. I swear this is legit.

There’s no current plans to open a full-fledged Escape Room in the near future though they have plans for something else in the future. Stay tuned..

This one’s only open for a short while longer though. Better hurry since this sounds pretty cool!

Come travel Mars with Red Planet Expeditions! Our adventure tourist packages include visits to Valles Marineris, the moons Phobos and Deimos, or our most popular excursion to Olympus Mons, the solar system’s tallest mountain.

Not like that last time I had to escape from a guy’s garage…


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