SideQuests Opens September 1st!

I’ve had “Coming Soon” next SideQuests listing on the Escape Room page for months now and it looks like I can finally take that off! They just announced their opening date is September 1st and we’ll all finally be able to see what they’ve been putting all that behind-the-scenes work into!

Here’s the link.

We’ll keep this one short and sweet. We’re officially (but quietly) opening our doors to the public on September 1! Read on more about what’s going on and when for Team SideQuests!

SideQuests Adventures is officially welcoming the public on September 1, 2016. We have the Uncle room available for everyone to check out, and our lobby complete with boardgames is welcoming guests! So, let’s answer a bunch of questions about this whole deal!

  • Wait, is this a grand opening thing? Will there be a party with balloons and cake? I love cake!

No, this is not a grand opening. We’ll be having one of those later, and we promise there will be a party. But to be clear: this is not our grand opening. This is just our quiet little soft open that we want to share with you loyal SideQuests blog readers!

  • Can we book online? How about over the phone? Can I use smoke signals to book a room?!

Yes, yes, and yes – although we can’t take responsibility for any side-effects of said smoke signals. Also, we’re downtown, so we can’t guarantee we’ll see said smoke signals either… on second thought, please don’t use smoke signals. Please use the time-proven method of wax-sealed stationary sent via carrier pigeon instead.

To book online, please use our online booking app. We’ll be opening our phone lines come September 1 as well!

  • Where are you located again? I forget.

Through the wardrobe, then second star to the right and straight on until morning. Alternatively, you can also use the Floo Network, a highly convenient Great Eagle, or your own personal TARDIS but we highly discourage the use of transporter technology inside the premises as it upsets our local sarlacc and nobody likes him when he’s angry.

More conventionally, we can be found at 10190 104 Street NW – Basement Suite, Edmonton AB, right underneath Stage 104!

  • Are your other rooms ready?

Not yet, but stay tuned to this blog for updates and details – and maybe even some juicy behind-the-scenes construction photos and videos!

  • What’s in store for SideQuests?

We’ll be working hard to get our remaining rooms open but we want you, loyal blog reader, to be able to join us on this journey in person! Come in and visit our lobby – play a boardgame or two with us! Bring your friends and family and check out our Uncle room! There’s lots more in store coming down the line, so stay tuned and we’re excited to meet you in person!

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