The Return Of GLYPHCon

GLYPHCon (Games and Lore of Yearly Pathfinder Heroics) is back and looks like it’s going to be bigger than ever. If you haven’t heard of it, that’s ok too. This is only the second time it’s been run (we covered the first one here).

The brief explanation is that Edmonton’s Pathfinder Society is putting on three days of games at Avalon Knights from September 30th to October 2. For free!

This is going to be likely your only chance to participate in some incredible organized play. There’s a huge multi-table scenario for characters of a wide variety of levels and it will even include the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. One of the other games being run is only allowed to be run in an event that has 26 or more tables of games! This likely will not be run anywhere else in Alberta for a long time (maybe never)!

If you love RPGs (and especially Pathfinder), you have to check this out!

(Original post below from the head of the Edmonton PFS, Ross Tait)

Hello Pathfinders!
So GLYPHCon, Games and Lore of Yearly Pathfinder Heroics: Fall Edition, is up on warhorn. Please, sign up on warhorn to reserve your spot!

The Con starts on September 30th and goes to October 2. The venue is at Avalon Knights. This store really does have a lot to offer. They have the usual snacks and drinks, but also hot food (pizza, sandwiches), and they will have alcohol there as well. (Please, drink responsibly). Here is the link to the store:

A couple of things to point out.
1) 7-99 is a special scenario as it can only be run by 4-5 star gms and only at cons that have 26 or more tables running throughout the weekend. In other words, this scenario will not be run in the province of Alberta for a long time after this. As such, I would recommend that you sign up for those tables before they’re all gone. And don’t worry if you don’t have a character in range. You play elemental pregens.

2) The table size is set at 6. The only way to reserve your seat at a particular table is to sign up on warhorn. So the quicker you sign up for a table, the more likely you will be able to play at the tables that you want.

3) The multi-table scenario 8-00 is going to be run on Saturday night. By far, this is our most exciting and interesting scenario that is going to be run. What happens at one table could affect what happens at others. Included in this scenario, is the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game where Jason Switner and Aaron Steele are going to be running three tables at the same time. When you sign up for the special, it is an exception to the 6 person table size. Sign up for the tier you want your PC to play. Even if Warhorn says you are waitlisted, stay signed up. It lets us know if we need to add another table of the appropriate tier.

4) Finally, this con is free! Show up and have a good time!

There are boons that will only be available here. And as people who have attended this con in the past, they all said that it was amazing. We are expecting pathfinders from all over the province and we hope to see you there!!

Last announcement, after the special on Saturday we will be going to the Mayfield Boston Pizza to celebrate.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at or contact me via IM on Facebook.
May your dice always roll 20s!
Ross Tait


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