Summer Simpsons Trivia!

We recently had a request to start keeping track of trivia in this town… There’s a lot of it after all. We’ll have a list of everything Nerdy in this city yet! What better way to start than with The Buckingham‘s latest effort?

Here’s the event link for all you aspiring Springfielders!

“Much like Otto’s Pool-Mobile, Simpsons Trivia returns in the summer for a couple hours this coming Tuesday, leaving you lowly plebs to wilt in the summer heat for the rest of the season! Foolishly in our attempts to build a pool, we accidentally built this bar (’tis a fine bar, but ’tis no pool english, doh’eth!)
instead and invite all of you to bring more layers of simpsons knowledge and dorkiness than Martin’s multiple swimsuits!
We hope no arms will be broken, and even if so, we’ll happily sign your casts. Trivia starts at 8:30 and all we ask of you is to bring some pals (if you have any,) and come up with some sweet Simpsons team names. Sure to provide more memories than Lisa’s precious yearbook, Restrospecticus, we’ll see you on the 23rd!

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