TWOSE Make + Take Workshop – Aug. 20

I’ve always been a fan of the Telus World of Science and their Science Garage. We even bought a family membership this year (now that our little one is old enough to enjoy it too).

Did you know they’re offering programs for adults too? In fact, they’ve got a workshop coming up this Saturday. Hmmm…. I do need more practice with soldering.

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There is no better place than The Workshop at The Science Garage to get hands-on and creative, which is why we’re hosting workshops!

Each Make + Take Workshop includes:

  • Science Garage access for 2 guests (atleast 1 adult)
  • A fun project to build and take home
  • 3-4 hours instruction from Science Garage staff
  • Unique skill instruction. For example: circuitry, electronics, soldering, etc.
  • Access to all tools needed to build your project.
  • Access to materials to enhance your project.

Electronic Sounds

Saturday, August 20, 2016 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

These noise-making electronic kits are sure to impress! We will explore possibilities of electronic sounds and how they are created. Whether you build the light-based Theremin, the digital bird, or the space gun kit, these projects offer lots of opportunities to increase your musical talent!

  • Theremin Player Kit: Beginner Soldering Skills (Speaker, photocell, and other components)
    • Build a mini-model of a Theremin! Produce fun sounds depending on closeness of your fingers to a photocell sensor.
  • Digital Bird: Intermediate Soldering Skills (Speaker, Capacitors, Potentiometers)
    • Is that a bird in the house? No, it’s a Digital Bird! Solder together your own chirping device that can be modified to make different bird sounds.
  • Space War Gun Kit: Advanced Soldering Skills (Speaker, LEDs, Potentiometers)
    • Use your knowledge of soldering and circuitry to create a fun Sci-Fi space sounds. Capacitors, resistors, timers and more!

Capacity: 10 pairs (Each ticket purchase is for 2 guests (atleast 1 adult))

Cost: $55 for General Public, $50 for TWOSE Members

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