New Logo! Same Old Nerd List… (That’s Good Right?)

Have to take the time to thank Chris Moet for the absolutely incredible job he did making a logo for us! We’re all about connecting the Nerdy Dots in Edmonton and I think he figured out a design that works for us perfectly! Give his site a visit at and give his Facebook page a like and/or a share (especially if you need any graphics done… wink wink).

We’re doubling down on the dots we’re connecting and covering more in the next little while (especially once we don’t have all this yardwork to look after). Check out our networking group on Facebook and stay tuned for a few more surprises in the near future that will hopefully help out local nerds (we can’t take all the credit… we’re just helping someone else’s idea).

Lastly, apparently people respond better to a colour logo. Who knew? I was just getting the hang of black and white…

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