Dungeons & Dragons 6 Nights A Week At Avalon Knights?

Ok, clearly Avalon Knights knows it has a strength and they’re playing to it…

Check their Facebook post here for more details.

“Wow busy day for posts but hey good news everyone Since we started Running the Avalon Knights Adventurers academy, We have grown a community of regular players who have really grown to love the game, it was also a huge hit when we ran it at Animethon. So we have decided to reintroduce our regular pick up dungeons and dragons games to the shop schedule but this time will run it 6 days a week.

That’s right everybody you can now get your D&D fix with pick up games at Avalon Knights 6 days a week from 5pm-midnight.

Now to be clear here is how it works, we have 1-3 dms available. groups will be formed as people arrive min group size is 3 max size is 6 and from there we will run with groups as they form. What this means for you guys is even if you can’t make it to the shop at 5pm doesn’t mean you can’t play you can show up any time between 5-midnight and enjoy some Dungeons and Dragons. so come on down guys 6 nights a week Only at Avalon Knights!”

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