CON-struction Class- Putting in $%#ing Zippers (Featured Post)

Every month we’re making a point to include (at least) one post from each of our awesome sponsors and this month’s post from Just Be Cos is something we would have posted about anyway! Now that they’ve started hosting workshops, they’re also bringing in special guests to run them (like Lady Death Star Cosplay!).

So if you’re getting ready for Expo in a month and you want to get a head with whatever you’re going to be wearing, take a read below and visit the event page here.

CON-struction Class- Putting in $%#ing Zippers
Saturday, August 20th 1-3pm
Cost: $25
Supplies Required: Thread, Scissors, Sewing Machine (optional), straight pins
Are in you in the pre-CON crunch? Is there one thing that is preventing your cosplay from being awesome? – is it the zipper?
Come for this 2hr class on how to put in basic zippers… we will be covering Separating Zippers, Inset Zippers, Invisible Zippers, and Pant Fly Zippers….and if you ask nicely ( and if there’s time) Zippers in Spandex.
Class is hosted by Jennifer Lewak, aka Lady Death Star Cosplay –come for the class, then stay to get some hands-on help with your own costume.
Class space is limited to 8 people-so register now! You can register by calling 587-456-9911 or

make sure to include your name in the notes to the seller
Registration fee includes use of sewing machines, equipment & supplies. To register
(Please feel free to bring your own sewing machine, if you feel more comfortable.)
See you there!”

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