The Edmonton Suicide Squad (Nerd Edition)

It’s been a busy week for us with the start of our Nerd Networking Events and some new sponsorship. So to celebrate, we’re taking advantage of the release of the Suicide Squad movie and the opening of Time Escape and we’ve assembled some of our long-time friends into a crack team of local Edmonton Nerds to try and save us all from a Lethal Virus.

The lineup:

Deadshot: Retro Active Arcade
El Diablo: The Portugeek
Katana: The Geeky Realtor
Captain Boomerang: PlayingBoardGames
Enchantress: Binarycupcakes
Harley Quinn: Northern Nerd Network

With me taking the role of Rick Flag (since I’m kind of a do-gooder already).

Will it work? I guess will all find out on Wednesday if the world is still around…

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