Variant Edition Is Moving! (And Not Moving!)

Apologies for the Schrödinger’s Cat headline but it’s the honest truth… See below for more (and read the source post here):

“August 3rd, 2016 // After a little over a year in business, the current version of Variant Edition will be splitting off into two separate businesses, in two separate locations. This will allow both businesses to further expand on what’s already been built, creating two great, vibrant hubs for pop culture.

Brandon Schatz and Danica LeBlanc will be taking Variant Edition Comics + Culture to the west end of Edmonton as of August 31st – at a location to be announced in the coming days – and Brendan Capel will remain at the shop’s current location under a name to be announced soon!

What Will This Mean For You?

 Variant Edition Comics + Culture will remain your hub for all things comics and pop culture, focusing on the community building that we’ve all worked hard to maintain from day one. Over the coming days, we’ll be in contact with as many customers as we possibly can to talk to about our new location. While we would love to see everyone come with us during this transition, we know that for some, location is key. If the move means you won’t be able to make it in as regularly or at all, we’re more than happy to help facilitate your pop culture experiences, by talking to you about our mail order service, or even helping you transition to a new shop that’s more convenient for you! We wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on their favourite books because of this shift, and while we would always love to see you in the shop, we would definitely rather you continue to dig into pop culture in the ways that you are most comfortable.

Brendan Capel will continue to operate in the store’s current space under a new name, further expanding his role as a community leader in Edmonton (and Canada’s) vibrant Magic: the Gathering scene and utilizing the space to have bigger and better events in the future. Under his guidance, the 123rd location will continue to provide the city with positive pop culture experiences, and continue the great work that’s been done so far.

What’s Next?

We’d like to thank you all for your support over this past year, and encourage everyone to stop by in the coming days to visit and talk about the future. We’ve come pretty far since we started, and we’re excited for these big next steps. If you’d like to help out, stop on by and grab an item or two that you’ve had an eye on for a while. It would certainly help smooth this transition as we prepare for these big changes

Also, if you want to keep on top of all the news from Variant Editionabout the split, or just about pop culture in general, keep a tight eye on our Twitter and Facebook accounts, or subscribe to our newsletter. If you’d like to get some cryptic pictures of the new space while we prep, check out our Instagram account!

Thank you all – and we’ll talk with you soon.

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