LGN Presents: The Science Behind Jurassic World (Tonight Only!)

Glaring oversight time! I had this on the calendar but for some reason I lost track of posting about it. If you like dinosaurs, palaeontology and comics; come on out to Happy Harbor tonight at 7pm!

There are two event pages for this… One by Lady Geeks Unite (putting on the event) and one by Happy Harbor (Hosting the event).

“LGN Presents: The Science Behind Jurassic World presentation and Q&A!

August 4th, 7pm, at Happy Harbor Comics

Jurassic World was a summer hit, and the Jurassic Park movie franchise has entranced moviegoers for over twenty years. Explore a palaeontologist’s perspective: What’s real and what’s made up? And what’s the impact of the movie dinosaur on science and society? Presented by palaeontologists Angelica Torices and Katerine Bramble.”

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