Stupid Hackathon: Stupid Things & Terrible Ideas-Aug. 20

Seeing as how the benefit of this site is of questionable value to society, I’m pretty excited to see what comes out of Edmonton’s first Stupid Hackathon. It’s on August 20 which isn’t too far away… Maybe dumb things down a bit before you get started though 🙂

Their website is here… the tickets link is here. Good luck and send me a pic of whatever wins!

Take a look at the categories below. (I had to stop drinking for second so I wouldn’t spill from laughing…)

The Stupid Sh*t No One Needs and Terrible Ideas Hackathon!

Exactly what you would expect: a one-day event where participants create projects that have no value whatsoever and solve problems that don’t even exist. It’s also a great way to stretch your skills for a project that doesn’t really matter!

How it works

Select a category, pick a stupid project and a team, and get ready to build something stupid on August 20th for a chance to win a useless prize! If you do not have a team organized prior to the event you can take your chances on showing up as an individual with no plans and no prep and form a team and idea at the hackathon! It’s fun either way!

See our stupid rules and info here. Basically, the only rule is, you cannot begin your build before the hackathon! You can plan it, make diagrams, gather equipment/materials you might need etc… but you cannot actually build anything until 9am on August 20th.

The categories for the event are:

  • Smart Garbage
  • Edible Electronics
  • Potpourri (invent your own)
  • Life Smacks
  • Put Some Sensors On It
  • ____ + ____ = Profit?
  • Assistive Drinking
  • Skynet is Coming
  • Me-trics (Nobody Cares About My Metrics But Me)

Come win a stupid award for your stupid idea nobody wants!

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