Harry Potter & The Cursed Child Midnight Release-July 30

I know you can go anywhere to buy the new book on Sunday but why not go to a local store that’s having a midnight release on Saturday? There’s going to be more going on at Audrey’s Books than just a book launch… Festivities start at 9pm and you can see all the details here.

“Mark this night on your calendars because yes, we solemnly swear we are yet again up to no good over here!

Join us for the midnight release of the new Harry Potter play in book form. We will be launching the release by opening our doors at 9pm to magical activites and ‘Ridikulus’ entertainment! Please RSVP so we have some idea on how many witches and wizards we will be getting.

The book cannot be sold till midnight so I guess we will just have to occupy ourselves till then. We’ve got Charms class, Wand making, other activites and some amazing snacks worthy of Honey Dukes.

Come on down and join the magic!”


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