Edmonton Fringe Festival Preview: Aug. 12

It’s day two of our look at each day of what the Fringe has in store for us and here’s a bunch of the nerdier options for Aug. 12!

2:30pm-3:30pm:yegDND combines the world of improv with Dungeons and Dragons. Six heroes go on a quest to save the world, and everything is made up on the spot. Stage combat, musical numbers and giant D20 dice that you get to roll!

2:45pm-3:45pm:THE POLKA DOTS OF DEATH: The Making of a Supervillain “I auditioned for the circus and all I got was the freak show.” Meet The Polka Sisters; Conjoined twins, six degrees separated from the Suicide Squad. Are they heroes in disguise or the ultimate anti-heroes?

3:30pm-4:30pm:TESLA EX MACHINA In 1892, famed inventor Nikola Tesla willed his mind and memories back from partial amnesia. Ricky Coates examines science and humanity in a one-man biographical story, featuring live electrical experiments!

5:00pm-6:00pm:UNDEAD OR ALIVE: An Apocalypse Survival Guide It’s a seminar. It’s a play. It’s zombie tag. Doomsday prepper Tori Mountain is back after a successful fringe run in 2013. Think you’re ready for the Zombie Apocalypse? Test your knowledge and see if you survive. Will you be Undead or Alive?

7:00pm-7:55pm: Improv Against Humanity:”Improv Against Humanity: The Bigger, Blacker Show” is the return of the 2015 sold out run of everyone’s favourite party game turned improv show. Go 4 Broke Productions will take the suggestions out of Cards Against Humanity for our scene and perform improv hilarity out of it. 18+ obviously.

7:00pm-8:00pm: A Feast of the Gods: Greek Mythology Meets Burlesque. From the team behind ” A Steampunk Burlesque” and “The Second Breakfast Club”. You are cordially invited to join Zeus and Hera at Mt. Olympus for a feast of the Gods, so put on your best toga and grab your grapes, cause wine not?!.

7:15pm-8:15pm: Hitodama: Last year we brought you Oni, our SEXY Japanese shadow show. ***** Edmonton Sun. Now we’re back with a SCARY Japanese shadow show! Prepare for horror and hilarity as we sit in the dark telling hair-raising tales of vengeful spirits and murderous monsters! With some sexy stuff thrown in too!

7:15pm-8:35pm: Feather Fall: An ageless war rages between Celestials and Demons, unseen by humanity. Lucy, a young Celestial, poses as a reporter for the Upper Canada Gazette during The War of 1812. As she falls in love with a human soldier, a malevolent force threatens everything she believes.

7:30pm-8:15pm: Rear Entry: The Improvised Puppet Show Seams will bust and fur will fly as the The Odd-Lot Puppetry Co presents improv comedy like you’ve never seen it before! Raunchy, rude and hilarious, special guests join the cast nightly in this all new show that’s guaranteed to be stuffed with laughter.

8:00pm-9:15pm: Not a Nefarious Plan: An Ordinary Play About Superheroes: Uncover the mystery of a plucky teen, a secret journal, and a ragtag group of superheroes in this play which is definitely not a trap set by Dr. Apocalypse. He isn’t even involved! No plans for world domination here! Just good clean fun. This venue is outdoors, so dress accordingly.

8:45pm-9:45pm: Call Me Kirk- The Ultimate Trek The ultimate TREK where everything happens! From the promoters of One Man Star Wars and Jake’s Gift.

9:00pm-10:00pm: 2UP: Second Player Mostly Water is back with a new show, blending sketch, song and video into a hilarious, soupy pile of goodness. From the makers of ★★★★★ fringe hits 1UP and 15 Minutes, 2UP: Second Player explores the gamification of life and the past and present games that fill up our heart-meters.

9:45pm-11:15pm: The Adventurous Times of Kevin Grimes David Belke’s legendary radio theatre serial adventure returns! Join mild mannered city employee Kevin Grimes as he suddenly finds himself thrust into a time travelling comedy/adventure fighting evil across the centuries and around the streets of Edmonton. Ten episodes of high flying thrills, heartwarming romance and unexpected laughs.

10:30pm-11:15pm: Girl’s End: A Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse GIRL’S END is A Comedic, One Woman Musical that locks the audience in a storage unit with one exceptional apocalypse survivor as she discovers her greatest asset is her impenetrable spirit. Her resilience is inspiring and her story is hilarious. Featuring music by Edmonton native Daniel Abrahamson!

10:30pm-11:30pm: FRAZ vs. The Future Vancouver comedian Fraz Wiest presents a one-man comedic time-travel odyssey that sees him take on technology, social media and getting old in an all-out fight to the finish! You’ll never look at tomorrow the same way again!

10:30pm-11:30pm: Harold of Galactus Chris Craddock and Mark Meer improvise the entire career of a new superhero…created by the audience! A loving salute to the world of secret identities, atomic accidents, and unbridled adventure! Excelsior! ‘Nuff said! “…improv virtuosos…”

10:30pm-11:30pm: Kill Hard: Live. Improvised. Action Movie. On Stage. A completely improvised Action Movie where our two stars take on all the roles, all the fights, and all of the sexual tension. Expect guns, bad guys, and fights in this over the top tribute to those cheesy action movies you love.

11:59pm-12:55am: Hey ’90s Kids, You’re Old What if our favourite ’90s characters had to grow up, like we did? This nostalgic comedy celebrates the last true decade by blending ’90s pop culture with the present.


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