How To Use Your Pokémon Go Skills For The Greater Good (Part 1)

So there’s been an explosion in the popularity of Pokémon Go and some people are divided on whether that’s a good thing. Well, the Edmonton Arts Council is trying to use all those trainers out there to promote the local arts scene. I think it’s an awesome idea and requires so little effort on your part.

The simple explanation is that if you take any picture of Pokémon involving Edmonton Public Art, simply post as normal but tag it with #YEGPublicArt. From what I understand,  Borden Park and Beaver Hills House Park are particularly good spots for local art (and pokémon). You can find examples of what they’re looking for on their Twitter, Facebook & Instagram pages.

What other ways are people and local organizations using Pokémon Go for the benefit of Edmonton? Let us know at and we’ll post about it too!


  1. There is charity’s that are people walking to gain money for them. Signing up with one of these to raise funds for charity will have hugh effects for them.

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