The Edmonton Board Gaming League (EBGL) & ThematiCON

I think it’s a little criminal that I haven’t talked about the Edmonton Board Gaming League (EBGL). It’s in its 10th year and I’ve barely mentioned it (though you may have seen them sponsoring public events at Mission: Fun & Games in St. Albert or last year’s Edmonton Oil Kings’ Board Game Bonanza).

The EBGL is an adults-only (18+) competitive board gaming league and usually has about 40 active players competing. Those competing will play a different game every month (previous examples include Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Cosmic Encounters & Forbidden Stars) and there are special events like gaming marathons and free play events as well. They’ll also have themed game events like “ThematiCON” (details are for members-only, but I have to make sure you know about ever ‘CON’ in Edmonton right?).

To be clear though, membership is limited and you must be a member in order to participate. Those joining late in the gaming season (which runs roughly a full calendar year) likely won’t win any prizes but are more likely to avoid the rush of new members in late December & early January.

If you’re interested in playing more advanced games (no Monopoly, Sorry, etc) in a competitive format, check out and perhaps arrange to participate in a trial night to make sure it’s the right fit for you.



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