“Seed Me” Book Launch at Happy Harbor-Aug. 17th

We don’t cover many book launches, but this one’s happening at Happy Harbor and it’s a local writer from our list. Konn Lavery is having a release and reading of his new book Seed Me at Happy Harbor on Aug. 17th! Going to be there? (You would’ve been there checking out comics anyway…).

See the event details here.

“Edmonton‐based writer Konn Lavery releases his new horror novel titled Seed Me. The novel has been called a “modern folktale” and a “Goosebumps story for adults” by the early access readers. Unlike Konn’s previous dark fantasy novels, Seed Me takes place in modern times with a first person tongue‐and‐ cheek narrative from the protagonist, Logan. The book is also a stand‐alone novel unlike his Mental Damnation novels which are part of an ongoing series. The plot is shrouded in mystery as Logan and his friends try to uncover who is behind the famous 420 Drain Murder while struggling with drug addiction, the living dead and cultists.

Konn’s interest has always lied in transmedia storytelling. His previous works included a lot of abstract illustrations, glyphs and an alphabet that could be decoded. Seed Me takes his writing into new territories by introducing a complimentary score composed of four musicians – including Konn Lavery. The album’s purpose is to cross bridges with the musical and literary worlds by telling a complete story through both forms of media, creating a more immersive experience.”


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