New Board Game Cafe! Beyond Board Opens August 6th

Apparently I don’t know Sherwood Park as well as I thought I did. I did know there weren’t any Board Game Cafes out there… but that’s about to change. Beyond Board is looking to be particularly family-friendly and you better believe we’ll be checking them out with our toddler in tow! Check out their write-up below:

“Beyond Board is a place where families and friends can put their cell phones down and enjoy each others company over a board game. We offer an extensive selection of games for you to play during your visit. There are plenty of beverage selections to choose from, specialty coffees and teas to pops, energy drinks, slurpees, wine and selected beers. You can also curb your appetites with pizza, hot dogs, popcorn or concession items. The game play fee is $5 per person. And you can play as long as you like.”


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