A Very Special Nerd Nite Wedding-July 25

I’ve been to some Nerdy weddings before but I think the ultimate Edmonton Nerd wedding  is coming up on July 25th. I’m sure you’ve head about it already… possible on the CBC? If you haven’t, here’s Nerd Nite Edmonton‘s description to fill you in…

“When two nerds meet and fall in love, there are many things you can attribute that to: chemistry, biology, pheromones, and maybe even physics. For Nerd Nite Edmonton Alumnerds, Amanda Kelley and Scott Persons, the explanation may not be that simple, nor that scientific.

Regardless of why, we’re so very pleased to help these two lovebirds get married at the first ever Nerd Nite Wedding! This special event will feature two world-renowned dinosaur experts and a talk from the happy couple.

Be there AND be square!”

Find your tickets here.

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