Pinball Super-Selfie League

One thing never really changes, I’m still a fan of things I’ve never seen and I haven’t seen a pinball selfie league in town yet. The rules seem simple enough… play your best games and take a picture. For more details, click the Facebook event link here.

“Lucky’s Lounge is hosting a Pinball Super-Selfie League at Lucky’s Lounge. The leaugue runs from August 1st to August 31st with finals taking place on September 3rd. All paricipants must pre register and entry is FREE. The format will be Best Game with 100% of entry fees going to trophies and prizes. There will be 8 taples(arenas) and to be eligible to qulify for finals you must submit a selfie for each game at least once. You can submit unlimited selfies until August 31 at 8pm. For more info contact Pinball at Lucky’s Lounge page administrator(Bill LePage) or email”


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