Dawn Of The Black Sun

Before you ask, this is already full and there’s a waiting list. Still, it deserves a mention for the work two unbelievable DMs have put in running D&D at Hexagon Board Game Cafe. Louis & Rico have been running games and by all accounts, I’ve missed out on some epic-level awesomeness. Maybe next season?

Anyway, get a taste for what they’ve been up to by checking out the Facebook event page here.

“The Hexagon Cafe, Sorry Not Sorry Productions & Campfire Tales present: The Dawn of the Black Sun.

Dungeon Masters Louis Regimbald and Ricardo Espinoza bring their campaigns to a close with a final epic evening of Dungeons and Dragons!

Come help us celebrate this great community and some fantastic stories on Tuesday, July 12th. There will be prizes and great drinks and snacks available so sign up quickly because space is limited.

Call us at 780-757-3105 or email info@thehexcafe.com to reserve your seat at either Rico’s or Louis’ table.

Goodluck and godspeed adventurers!”

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