Nerdy Summer Camps-Part Six

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if we were going to do another Nerdy Summer Camp post… but then we saw this.

Mudpie Parties is hosting some of the coolest and nerdiest birthday parties around and now they have an incredible summer camp program too! Did I mention they’ve reserved spots for Fort Mac Fire Evacuees?

If this isn’t already filled up, you can try their Superhero Academy or Princess & Knights Camps. Check the link here.

Build-A-Light Saber??? Why am I not enrolling myself?



  1. When will the build a light sabre camp be? What would the cost? And most importantly……when you say build a light sabre…..we talking a prop or some kind of kids arts n crafts thing.

    • They’ve got three different locations that they host the camps at. Sherwood Park is July 11th & August 8th. South Edmonton is July 8th. St. Albert is August 15th. I don’t see any listings on their site for the summer side location. the cost for each is on the site at $175. As for the quality of the light sabre, I’d recommend calling them. They do appear to have pictures on their Facebook page of previous parties. Guessing since it would need to be useable for the jedi training, it would be a little sturdier than just arts & crafts?

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