Free RPG Day-June 18 (Warp One Only)

I was holding off posting about free RPG day until I could confirm which stores in town would be participating; well now it looks like all vendor packages are sold out so I can definitively state that the only place to get this year’s batch of free RPG swag is Warp One. (I should note that Mission: Fun & Games will also have leftover items from previous years but won’t be bringing in the new items this time).

I was hoping for more stores since the latest episode of Paizo‘s popular “We Be Goblins” series of modules is just one of the items you can get. As usual, there’s also plenty of dice, paper, miniatures and modules from a variety of games.

Check out the official Free RPG site here.

I’m guessing everyone’s going to beat me to the good stuff again…. sigh.

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