New Sponsor!

The truth is that we were already really excited about Just Be Cos opening in town and becoming a new home for Edmonton Cosplayers, but now they’ve gone and sponsored us too!


We’ve got a platform that’s growing by leaps and bounds and we’ve got a goal to make this the go-to place for exclusively Edmonton Nerdy News & Events in the near future. If you’d like to help us achieve that too, please take a look at sponsoring us through our Patreon page. Not to brag but this pace will be interesting to see if we can keep up…

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 5.28.54 AM

The rewards listed on our Patreon Page are still open to suggestion as well. If you have any ideas for custom rewards that you think we’d be able to provide, please send us an e-mail at and we’ll do our best to help out.

I’d also like to take a moment to thank our other awesome Nerdy sponsors The Geeky Realtor, Taps For Effect, Happy Harbor Comics and Anurain Design. We’re going to build something awesome and we couldn’t have gotten this far without your help!

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