Table Top “Flash Mob”-June 11

Been wanting to do this for a while… A Flash Mob is usually assembled suddenly, does something fun and disperses quickly. We’re going to extend the fun part for up to 12 hours. It’s also usually tightly organized so but we’re flexible on the start time too. At some point between 9am and 9 pm just show up at the Aviation Museum, play games and go home after. For free.

If you’re available on June 11, we’re going to crash Red Claw Gaming‘s Magic: The Gathering event and play games on their extra tables. They apparently have way more space than they need and they made an innocent offer to let people use those extra tables for whatever games they wanted to play.

There’s room for roughly 100 people and all games needing table space are welcome. Bring your Board Games, Card Games, Role-Playing Games, Table Top War-Games or whatever else you have down and just have fun. You could theoretically even play Magic…


The Facebook event details can be found here.

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