Rainbow Road YEG

Seeing as how today is also the first day of Pride, what better time than now to mention a new Nerdy group for gamers. We quite literally copied and pasted this writeup from the Team Edmonton Newsletter but you can check out Rainbow Road YEG for yourself and see!

“Meet, challenge, duel, and/or pwn your fellow gamers and gaymers.”

“Rainbow Road YEG is a newly formed group dedicated to providing a social outlet for individuals, especially those in the LGBT+ community and their allies, and allowing fellow gamers, geek enthusiasts, fandom participants, etc. to make lasting connections with one another in a safe and relaxed environment. We intend to have monthly meetups, and we have online resources for staying in touch with our members.”

“Want to get involved or get more info? Contact us!”

Facebook Page: Rainbow Road YEG
Twitter: @rainbowroadyeg
Instagram: @rainbowroadyeg
Email: rainbowroadyeg@gmail.com

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