Comic Book Festival-The Other French Comics-May 28

I have to confess to dropping the ball on this one too! There’s been a comic book festival going on for three weeks and I completely missed it. Thankfully you don’t have to miss all of it. The last day is May 28th and it’s being hosted by the Alliance française d’Edmonton and you can catch two separate movies based on French Comics.

-Playing at 2:30pm is L’élève Ducobu. It’s based on Zidrou and Godi’s comics and from what I understand is suitable for the whole family. It’s in French but with English Subtitles. See the Facebook event page here.

-Playing at 8pm is Largo Winch 2. An action adventure movie that has a billionaire adventurer heading to the Burmese jungle. Read a better summary and event details here.

This town just keeps getting nerdier… How did I miss an entire comic book festival?

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