DC Comics’ “Rebirth” May 25

For anyone who’s been following DC comics lately, they’re not so much restarting or rebooting their entire comics line as they are “relaunching” everything without throwing anything away that’s already happened.

“Rebirth” is the event that’s supposed to accomplish that and it’s happening on May 25 at every comic store in Edmonton. Though if you want to stay up later; you can head over to Variant Edition for their Midnight Launch Event on Tuesday, May 24.

I remember the days I could stay up all night and go to a comic book store… well… actually the comic store was never open past 8pm so I just remember being able to stay up all night.

Anyway, the point here is that you have that chance this week. Initial reviews of the premiere issue of “Rebirth” are promising so I’ll take my chances.

**Also, Tuesday, May 24th at midnight is the deadline to bid in the Nerdy Charity Auction that Variant Edition is hosting to support the Red Cross. It could theoretically be the first chance to find out who’s walking away with all that Nerdy Awesomeness…. **

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