Nerdy Non-Profit Week-Day 3: ENTS

What is ENTS? Maybe you saw their booth at events like K-Days? If not, this is taken direct from their website….

“The Edmonton New Technology Society is a non-profit, member-driven society of technology enthusiasts, hobbyists and friends. ENTS offers its members a place to create, build, repair, and otherwise work on projects. We first opened our doors in August of 2009 and since then have grown to be a fully self-sustaining collective of like minded individuals who come together over common interests and goals.”

They have “Hack Tuesdays” every week where members can work on projects (like a forge in one case…), get help with an idea or two, or just socialize if they need to get out. They’re also very open to having new people come out and tour their Hackerspace and see for themselves what they’re about.

Have you got any plans tonight?  Check them out at or on Facebook.

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