International TableTop Day-April 30th

It’s almost here and with all the Board Game Stores & Cafes in town now; we figured we’d summarize everything special that’s happening April 30th in terms of Board Gaming.

Please, if we’ve missed anything; send us an e-mail at and we’ll add it!

Hexagon Boardgame Cafe:

“This year, we’ll be teaming up with Extra Life Edmonton again to raise funds for Edmonton’s Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation. There’ll be raffle draws, a silent auction, game seminars, a tournament, AND D&D sessions! Also, we’ll be offering up to 20% off retail games!”

Check the link here.

Mission: Fun & Games (Intentional Tabletop Daze)

“Enjoy a fun-filled free day of gaming, learn a few new games, meet some fellow geeks, all in one daze work!

Preregistration for games is FREE and all done online at the following link.

“Purchase” a ticket (again, it’s free) to reserve your seat at a game that looks interesting.

The rest of the games room will be open for drop in gaming! Bring your own games or play our open copies.”

See the event page here.

Table Top Cafe (both locations):

“Table Top Cafe is excited to be celebrating International TableTop Day!

This year, we will be throwing our biggest sale yet!
– 10% off for board game purchases less than $100
– 15% off for board game purchases between $100 to $200
– 20% off for board game purchases of $200 or more

In conjunction with this sale, you’ll have the chance to be entered into our in-store draws for that most exciting of prizes: any game of your choice! Every $25 spent in the store gets you one entry, and if your name is drawn, you’ll be able to pick any game in stock to be yours forever!”

See the link here.

***Just a quick note… They’re not open yet but I’d keep an eye open on The Gamer’s Lodge just in case they’ve got something up their sleeve as well. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter… they’re so close to being open!***

UPDATE: The Gamers Lodge is just waiting on a fire department inspection in order to open! So if you know any nerdy firefighters that love board games…

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