RnD Fantasy

Selfishly I almost didn’t want to post this… I want to win it so bad. What do I want to win?? How about Beamdog‘s Art Director Tom Rhodes’ personal side-project? A weekly Twitter competition to draw your RPG Character.

While you watch.

For Free.

It’s getting to the point in my coffee-fueled obsession to collect every Nerdy Resource in Edmonton that I don’t really expect to find anything like this anymore… All of a sudden, this jumps up, smacks me in the face and I realize I need to stay on top of reading The Familiar when it comes out.

Anyway, if anything deserves to be added to both the YEG Artists list and the Roleplaying List; it’s this. Check out RnD Fantasy on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr and RnDFantasy.com

Also, I do not wish any of you luck in the lottery for this. At least not this week… I have a Battle-Scarred Elf that needs this

(I almost said “Elf needs art badly”)


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