AIMBOT-The Alberta Institute of Mentor & Builders

Pretty happy to find out about another Edmonton Nerdy Non-Profit. Especially one that’s using Lego Workshops to help “the builders of today transition confidently and capably into the innovators of tomorrow.”

From their Facebook page…

“1) Build Today: We want to motivate individuals to use their innate talents to create, construct and design whatever they can imagine. Whether it be with LEGO bricks or other materials, we want to encourage people to explore the possibility of taking ideas and making them become physical realities.

2) Create Potential: Through the process of building, designing and redesigning, we seek to stimulate the creative potential in every individual. By developing valuable skills such as spatial reasoning, problem solving and creative thinking we encourage individuals to constantly be innovating, learning and improving in all aspects of their lives.

3) Shape Tomorrow: By encouraging the creative potential of individuals, we aim to inspire them to be the innovators, leaders and builders who will shape the future. Together, we seek to build a positive future full of endless possibilities step by step and brick by brick.”

Check them out on Facebook & Twitter… it looks like they’re stocking up for more awesome workshops!

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