We Have Issues/Shades Of Grey Team-Up

We’re big fans of the old Marvel Team-up series and in the spirit of that we’re also big fans of We Have Issues finding an interim home at Shades Of Grey. Here’s the text of their post from earlier today:

“Great news comic (toy, game, etc.) fans! The All-New, All Different We Have Issues has found an interim home inside Shades of Grey on Whyte Ave (10444 82 Avenue, 2nd Floor)! We thought it was a great idea to pair the best vintage toy collection in Alberta with the best vintage comic collection. We are still offering the same great discounts we have offered since day 1, 20% OFF New comics for file customers as well as free bags and boards with your purchases. We are still in the set up phase but come down and grab your file or start a new one and check out our new central location!”

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