EPL MakerSpace

We’ve mentioned the Edmonton Public Library on a regular basis on Facebook and Twitter and we even featured the Open Data Day Hackathon a while back but it’s almost criminal that we haven’t specifically mentioned the EPL’s MakerSpace before.

Our library has won numerous awards and the MakerSpace is one of the major reasons why… 3D printing, book printing, two soundbooths for recording Demos or Podcasts, computer equipment & software and so much more. They’re an entrepreneurial Nerd’s dream!

Did I mention they also hold events? League of Legends game nights, Hearthstone Fireside Gatherings, Lego Robotics drop-ins, regular board game nights and an upcoming retro video game night (really planning on making it out to this one myself).

A favourite highlight is the Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator; a cooperative multiplayer game where you crew a spaceship together.

Check out the Makerspace for yourself at:


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