Hi everyone, for those that don’t know already IntrigueCon is pretty near and dear to me since it’s indirectly responsible for me starting this list (not to mention I’m a huge fan of RPGs). The exciting news now is that it’s out-grown it’s old HQ (As a matter of fact, it’s doubled every year it’s been around). The question now becomes: Where do they go from here?

Selfishly, I’d love for it to be the same awesome experience it’s been the last three years but I’d also like it to blow up and be the biggest RPG con ever (Board Games & Tabletop Minis are welcome too!).

So what can you do to help that happen? Well, you can clear your schedule for IntrigueCon in October and run a game or play in someone else’s. Or you can just bring your gaming group out in public for a change.

You can also sponsor (or maybe be a vendor at) an event that’s demonstrated growth every year.

Give the post below from IntrigueCon founder Daniel Hodges a read and maybe a share or two?

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