An Announcement From We Have Issues

I know there’s been a lot of rumours going around about what’s going on at We Have Issues and there’s now a post up to clear it up somewhat. First off, they’re not closed permanently and will be re-locating soon. There’s also details on what to do if you have books & items on order. Hope everything gets cleared up quick and I’m glad we’re not losing a local business.

See the text of the announcement below and the link to the original as well.

“Greetings WHI Family & Friends,

Sorry this message has not come out sooner but I really was hoping that the challenges at We Have Issues would have resolved themselves before now. Not wanting to bore you with the details, suffice it to say that perhaps naming the store “We Have Issues” was a bad omen! The store will be relocating shortly but that does not help anyone who wants to read his or her comics today! I have the past two-week shipment of comics, toys, et. al. and I am willing to change “We Have Issues” to “Wheel Have Issues” until a new location has been secured! Yes, you will continue to receive the same great 20% discount, free bag and board AND now your comics will be delivered to you. The website will soon be set up with the ability to pay for your comics online or you can pay for them immediately with Square or cash when I drop them off to you.

The only thing I do not have readily available to me is everyone’s pull list. Please message me at with the comics that are on your pull list or with any other questions or comments you might have.”

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