Dark Knight Night @ MacBeth! Mar. 19

Come on out to MacBeth and see their latest movie marathon on the big screen! If you’re not all binge-watching the new season of Daredevil that is…


“MacBeth Comics is pleased to host our second movie night in anticipation of the Batman vs Superman release in March! We will be showing the Dark Knight Trilogy.

Same deal as the last movie night, but for those that missed the fun at the Star Wars Event…

Tickets are $10.00 and available for purchase at the shop. Tickets are also limited due to capacity restrictions.

But why $10.00 you ask!? Basically, the $10.00 gets you pizza and popcorn. Between flicks and while you’re mingling with like-minded nerd/movie lovers, the majority of the shop will be discounted at 30%.

The movies will begin at 6:30 pm after the shop closes. Seating is provided but those wanting to set up camp, are welcome to.”

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