Are you ready for GOBfest?-Apr 9 & 10

Edmonton’s premier Board Game convention is almost here again! Are you ready for two full days of Games, a Flea Market, Game Design Workshops and more?

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“If you’ve ever been to FallCon in Calgary, you can imagine something similar on a smaller scale (note: this convention is organized by different people!). If you haven’t, imagine a convention run by and for nerds, rather than by and for merchants. A day to play competitively, if you like, or casually, if you’re just there to explore. A day to make friends, win prizes, and have long discussions about the right amount of chance in a Euro game. A day to be welcomed and included whether you come with a big posse or alone. A day to play six consecutive games of an old favourite, or try that new game you’ve been meaning to play. And most importantly, a weekend where nobody yells “Oh, like Monopoly!” when you say “I like to play board games.”

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