Watch The Skies Megagame-Mar 19th

It’s good to know I can still get surprised and excited! The proof of that is right here…

This is real. This is happening. It’s at NAIT next weekend and you can sign up to help or play at:

“NAITSA is proud to announce the creation of the first in Alberta Megagame!


The aliens have landed and it’s up to the nations of Earth to unite… or maybe not.

Watch the Skies! is a game that simulates the diplomatic-level response and interactions that would naturally take place between world governments and powers in the event that contact with life outside of Earth was ever established.

Inspired by video games such as XCOM Enemy Unknown, it is a one-of-a-kind chance to put yourself in the diplomatic hot seat and find out how you’d handle the pressure of making contact with alien intelligence on behalf of all mankind.

Watch the Skies! is a gaming experience unlike any other. Part boardgame, part UN summit, the game brings together some 40 or so players who will play on teams representing human nations and alien visitors. Each player will be given a specific role and duties, from presidents to military chiefs to diplomats to top scientists. It’s up to each team to best work out how to survive and thrive as they make first contact… and maybe settle some old-fashioned Earth rivalries at the same time.

The game will last approximately 8 hours.”


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