New Comic & Gaming Store On The Way!

So it looks like we finally found the Rogue’s Hideout! They’re a fully-functioning online store at the moment and we reached out to them to find out even more. They’re going to be opening a temporary storefront in the near future with plans to open permanent location in the southwest part of Edmonton.

You can already sign up for a comic file with them and make requests for what you’d like to see them carry. They’re planning on hitting all the major Nerdy Buttons… Comics, Collectables, Board Games, Tabletop War Games, RPGs, Magic & More!

On the unique front; they’re also already offering an online platform for local Nerdy Artists to share & sell their work. Take a look at some of Beaded Chickadee’s work on their page for an example of what they’ll do for you…

You saw them last year at Eekfest and you’ll be seeing them again at local Cons & Shows in the near future as well.

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We’re getting pretty good at this breaking Nerd News stuff….

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