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Ok, here goes. The Classic Video Game Championships are on Sunday and they’re going to be bigger than ever. In the spirit of that, here’s everything I know of in the Edmonton area that has to do with video games. Did I miss anything? Please let me know. I’m a bit obsessive that way…

Note that I’m leaving out Pawn Shops & Chain Stores again since I’m trying to focus on the local Nerdier businesses. If you’re looking for used games though, just about every pawn shop has some.

Places to Buy Used:

Each of these places has a varying amount of used video games but Just For Fun & Nexwave would definitely be the specialists in Edmonton. Comic Fever is probably one of the better kept secrets for Older Video Games & Consoles as well. Whyte Knight isn’t so much a video game store as a “Nerd Antique Store” that gets in the occasional older game but it’s one of my favourite places to go hang out (They don’t have a website or Facebook page but you still need to go check them out if you’ve never been).

The Old Strathcona Antique Market’s Second Floor is worth a look and if you’re looking for a used game in Edmonton and you’ve never been to either location… you need to GO TO THE SUPER FLEA MARKET. I can’t say this enough. It’s like a shopping mall for nerds.

Cards 2 Collectibles
Misc. Used Video Games

Classic Replay (Stony Plain)
Music & Used Video Games

Comic Fever
Used Video Games & Consoles…/timeline/

Goodwill (6 locations)
Occasional Donated Games

Just For Fun Video Games
New & Used Video Games

My Grandma’s Attic
Used Video Games

Nexwave Video Games (2 Locations in Edmonton & Sherwood Park, 1 in Spruce Grove)
New & Used Video Games

Old Strathcona Antique Mall
Multiple Booths With Used Video Games

Parkland Ventures Secondhand Store (Stony Plain)
Occasional Donated Games

Pixel Monster
Online Only-Used Video Games

Salvation Army Thrift Store – 4 locations
Occasional Donated Games

Super Flea Market – 2 locations
Multiple Vendors Selling Large Amounts of Older Games

Super Tunes
Music, DVDs, Used Video Games, Magic & More

Value Village (Savers)-7 locations
Occasional Donated Games

Wee Book Inn (3 locations)
Misc. Used Video Games

Whyte Knight
Just about anything Nerdy


Borz Customs
Custom Controllers & Consoles

Edmonton Console Repairs
Video Game Console Repairs

Mods N Repairs
Game Console Repairs & Mods


Retro Active Arcade Ltd.
Arcade Cabinet Sales & Custom Orders

The Geeky Realtor
Video-Game, Comic Book, Pop Culture Specialist Realtor
Video Game Console Repairs

Places to Play:

If you’re looking to go out and play games somewhere, you’ve got a few options still. It’s a mixed bag of what’s available where but Denizen Hall has retro game cabinets & alcohol, OverKlocked hosts tournaments and “Lock-ins” that go all night and the Edmonton Public Library usually has a big screen you can play their huge selection of games on. Shades of Grey is getting an Arcade Cabinet or two but I haven’t confirmed that they’re there yet…

Comic King Edmonton North
PC LAN Network Gaming

Denizen Hall (Ages 18+ Only)
Retro Video Game Cabinets

Edmonton Public Library-18 locations
Misc. Consoles & Games Available (Sometimes on a big screen)

Edmonton Public Library

EPL MakerSpace
3D Printing, Board & Video Game Nights, Free Tools & Software, So much more

Impulse SimRacing
Racing Simulators

Naked Cyber Cafe
Cyber Cafe, Board Games & Live Music

OverKlocked Gaming & Computers
Gaming Cafe

Quantum Leaf (Glass & Pipe Shop-Ages 18+ recommended)
Misc. Games available to play while you shop

Regular Events/Shows:

The Classic Video Game Championships, Extra-Life and Fragapalooza are the highlights for you to go play at but you can also make your own at MADJAM… I’m including TCEGCon but it’s up in the air if it will be happening again next year.

Classic Video Game Championships
Classic Video Game Tournament & More all the time.

Edmonton Collector Con
Misc. Vendors of All kinds

Edmonton Expo

Edmonton Pop Culture Fair
Misc. Vendors of All kinds


Extra-Life Edmonton
24 Hour Gaming for Charity

Annual Video Game Festival/LAN Party

GDX Edmonton
A celebration for games and game development in Edmonton.

Game Jam

Purespec festival
Misc. Vendors & Demos

Gaming Only Event

Professional Gamers:

This sections a little light still (I’m finding more…) but Edmonton is home to Team Edmonton Gamers. You can follow them online at or Twitter at

Check out who they have on their team…

2ManyCooks-He has thus maintained a ranking of 2nd in the Alberta Power Rankings, and will be continuing to compete at a variety of tournaments to cement himself as a threat on an international scale.

Alphicans-Alphicans is currently one of Canada’s best Super Smash Bros WiiU players as well as the number one ranked Smasher for Alberta!

Dezmu-Dezmu is a 20 year video game veteran starting his gaming career with the Blockbuster World Video Game Championships II in 1995 at the age of 10.

Facebook Groups:

There’s a little bit of everything here but usually the name says it all. I added a line from he group description to help though…

Edmonton and Area Geek Buy & Sell
Anything you wish you sell as long as it is pop culture game/comic/collectibles (and the sort) related

Edmonton and Area Geek Talk
Everything Geek except Buying & Selling

Edmonton Collectors of Videogames old & new
Buy/Sell/Trade Video Games Old & New

Edmonton FGC – UAlberta Student Group (Fighting Game Club)

Edmonton Full Frontal Nerdity Community
Buying and selling of collectables. Cards, Comics, Games, Game Systems, Pop Culture, and Sports items

Edmonton Game System and Electronics Buy/Sell/Trade
Game system Buy/sell/trade

Edmonton Game Traders
Video Game Buy/Sell/Trade

Edmonton Hearthstone
All things Hearthstone

Edmonton Heroes of the Storm
For Players of Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm

Edmonton SSBM
Super Smash Bros. Melee

Edmonton Smash 64
Smash Bros. 64

Edmonton Toy Therapy
Buy/Sell/Trade of any action figures, toys, collectables, boardgames and card games

Pokemon League Edmonton
Pokemon X & Y League

World of Warcraft: Edmonton
For fans of Everything Warcraft

Super Smash Bros VS – YEG
Matchmaking for Super Smash Bros.

Game Designers

There are a lot of talented developers in Edmonton. Obviously Bioware & Beamdog would be highlights but take a look at who else is hot on their heels…

8-Bit 3D
Games, visual effects, animation, video post-production company

Video Games

Video Games

EgoAnt Productions Inc.
Video Games

Endian Entertainment
Video Games

Fractal Foundries
Video Games

Itzy Interactive Inc.
Video Games

Life Goes On
Video Games

Video Games

PixelStorm entertainment studios Inc.
Video Games

PolyHobby Studios
Video Games

Praxia Entertainment
Video Games

The Frozen Machine
Video Games

The Guidance Division

Treefortress Games
Video Games

XGen Studios
Video Games


These are actual groups & organizations here in Edmonton (not just Facebook-only). Yes, I’m missing some from the list above but I still have to check out a lot of the ones in the Facebook group section…

Edmonton Gamers

Edmonton Smash Bros. Community

GDX Edmonton

GameCamp Edmonton (Local IGDA Chapter)

The Way Gaming

University of Alberta Video Game Art & Design Club

Video Game Club MacEwan University…/…

We Got Game Console Gaming Tournaments

TV Shows, Youtube Channels, Twitch & More:

Ok, so you guys are pretty much on your own for this one. I’ll highlight My Plastic Heaven  TV show since he’ll be at the VGC this weekend but it’s hard to summarize this section other than that they’re all local. Have fun trying to get caught up…

2 Player Start
Youtube Channel

Black Blaze Entertainment
Youtube Channel

Edmonton Hero

Website & more

Youtube Channel

Koool Kay Gaming

My Plastic Heaven
TV Show

Press Start To Join

Raff About It
Twitch Stream

Red Shark Gaming
Youtube Channel

Sofa United

Tech Geek Gamers
Weekly Web Show

The Clickbait Podcast

The Couch Potatoes Play
Twitch & Youtube

The Camateur
Youtube Channel

The Sonic Show
Youtube Channel

The Ultima Codex
Podcast, Blog & more

Unsanity Live

Reference Website

Viral Outbreak Gaming

Video Game Apparel, Artists & Misc. Creations

This is another mix of designers located in Edmonton that create Video Game accessories & art. The reality is that Filthy Casual could be a category all by themselves since they’ve hit it so big and RPG Clothing is only just starting… By all means poke around and see if there’s anything you like. Keep in mind many of them are open to commissions.

Anurain Design
Custom Stamped Geek,Science,Gamer Aluminum Jewelry…

Collector’s Corner
Misc. Hand-Made Art

Don’t Trip Perler Beads
Bead Sprites

Filthy Casual
Video Game-Inspired Clothing

Gimme Geek

Graymalkin Lane Quilts
Custom Video Game Quilts

Art Commissions of comic book, video game, original and role playing characters

Mac’s Crafts
Buttons, Duct Tape, Perler Beads

Jewellery, Hoops & Prints

RPG Clothing
Video Game-Inspired Apparel

Rachel’s Art
Video-Game Painting (Pixel Art)

Uncanny Pixel
Perler Bead Art


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