Falling Into Place: Four Films by Satoshi Kon

I realize now that we’ve seriously neglected Metro Cinema. Their feature on Satoshi Con falls right into line with our Focus on Taste of Animethon this month so…

See their write-up below…

“Satoshi Kon was an acclaimed Japanese animator and director. During his lifetime he completed only four films, Perfect Blue (1997), Millennium Actress (2001), Tokyo Godfathers (2003), and Paprika (2006), however each of these is a stunning and exceptional piece of visual storytelling. This short body of work explores complex themes of identity and perception, often times blurring the boundary between reality and illusion. They articulate the fragility of the human psyche, showing us the most fantastic, horrifying, and moving places that cinema can take us is inside of ourselves. Metro Cinema revisits the work of this brilliant filmmaker who continues to inspire audiences and artists alike with his extraordinary visuals, complex narratives, and deep concern for the very nature of humanity.”

Don’t miss your chance to see his work on screen! Get all the dates and times at:


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