Comic & Gaming Stores as Community Spaces

I remember posting when I started this list that comic & gaming stores developed their own communities and that they were places to share your passions. What I didn’t say is that they’re also resources for the community as a whole.

Those tables & chairs are being put to use for an incredible variety of events (other than Magic). Since I started this list in October I’ve seen Variant Edition host multiple geek swaps for charity, Happy Harbor hosted a craft market for Lady Geeks United, Quantum Comics donated an incredible amount of food to the food bank, Mission: Fun & Games did the same through Gamealot and Avalon Knights hosted both Christmas Eve & New Year’s eve get-together’s for those who had nowhere else to go.

I’ve missed a lot of things that have gone on in the last few months but I felt the need again to highlight why we still need local stores. Comic & Gaming stores are a resource for smaller organizations that can’t possibly afford a large hall (Warp One hosts the Sensational Ladies Night) or don’t attract a crowd of the size needed for a bigger space (Red Claw hosted a Bitz Swap for Miniatures Gamers). Many times, these stores are hosting these events for free or are even sponsoring them and putting in an incredible amount of work themselves.

If it sounds like I’m biased, just remember why I started this list. I want the local Nerd Scene to thrive and local stores are the beating heart of Edmonton’s Nerd community.


*If you want more of an idea of what’s going on at all these stores, you can check out their individual websites & Facebook pages for weekly events or check out the events calendar at the Northern Nerd for special events they (or us) have found.


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