Turkey Shoot-Jan. 14

Every so often there’s a movie you want to avoid… unless it’s the focus of the Turkey Shoot. This might be the only way I ever go see PIXELS in the theatre. Get together and make fun of it… and maybe win things!

“In 1982, a time capsule is sent into space with copies of classic arcade-games. Flash forward to now and aliens are attacking with creatures based on PAC-MAN and Donkey Kong. Sounds promising? Sadly, this awesome concept is an Adam Sandler film. Bro-centric, a Gamergate attitude to women, and with a rambling idiocy that didn’t even appeal to twelve year old boys, this disaster to poops on 80s nostalgia you didn’t know you had.”

Game Over! With live commentary, trivia and prizes!
18+ licensed, no minors

Thursday January 14 at 9:30


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