First Official Sponsor!

Exceedingly proud to announce our first official sponsor and she couldn’t be any more appropriate for what we do… A Geeky Realtor indeed!

I mean check out her write-up!

“Who is the Geeky Realtor? She is you and she is me. When she isn’t out helping someone find their dream home you will be able to find her spending time with her family, playing World of Warcraft , or at a local convention enjoying some cosplay fun! It doesn’t matter if your looking for your own cozy farmstead like Clark Kent or a luxurious mansion like Tony Stark. The geeky realtor is available to be your personal superhero helping you find exactly what you want. It could be something as simple as higher ceilings for your life size Chewbacca statue or even finding something that is bigger on the inside then it is on the outside. ;)”

Give her page a like and support her and us at the same time. Looking to buy or sell a home? Find her on Facebook and tell her the Nerd List sent you!

or on Instagram at:

If you’ve never heard of her yet; then I guess you just proved that sponsoring the Nerd List will get your business some attention (hint hint… ).

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